Do pregnancy symptoms determine the gender of your baby? I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, my son is now 4. I can’t remember being as sick, or as tired the first time around. I have serious food aversions and cravings that didn’t plague me the first time around. I have been ‘uncomfortable’ (no other word to describe it!) since I conceived…I distinctly remember enjoying most of my last pregnancy. Last pregnancy, I also had terrible acne and very limp hair, which ISN’T happening this time…instead my troubled complexion is fairly clear and my hair is growing like crazy! I was wondering if any one who has more than two children of opposite sexes has any input…should I assume to be having a girl this time??

P.s. The ultrasound technician could not tell what I was having the first time ; I was told my weight was a factor…I’m assuming my routine ultrasound will NOT tell me the sex…

punkin_eater26 replied: "Don’t assume anything about the gender. Symptoms don’t go either way. I wish, but nope!"

ஐ♥Julian’sMommy♥ஐ replied: "No…That is just a myth"

nikki l replied: "no tere are ways of telling but dont work i tryed 1 its was a boy but came out a girl"

ruthiecrue2 replied: "no. every pregnancy is different no matter if it’s a girl or a boy."

carpediemamt replied: "My first pregnancy I was horribly ill, and had a rough time through the whole thing – it was a boy. This time around, I was moderately ill, but am feeling mostly good – and I am having a girl.
Honestly I think every pregnancy is different regardless of the sex of your baby – I don’t think you can predict the sex by your symptoms. (Although it would be nice if you could!)
At your 20 week ultrasound – they should be able to tell you the sex."

bananabump replied: "If your pregnancy is very different to last time, it’s possible you are having a girl. I know my baby is a boy from an ultrasound scan, but also my tummy has gotten a lot hairier (fluffy transparent hair, but lots more than I had before I was pregnant) and this is probably because of all the male hormones whizzing through me! Are you any hairier than usual? :) "

mom2ace replied: "No that is absolutely not the truth. I have 3 girls and with each one I had totally different pregnancy symptoms. They were all as different as night and day but all of the babies were girls!!!"

RoseyMagnolia replied: "Symptoms dont tell you anything. If I was guessing the gender of my little one based on symptoms and how Im carrying, I would think I was having a boy.

Im having a girl though! :) "

lesley s replied: "No, it is an old wives tale."

msprettipussi07 replied: "Good thought… but I never heard such thing."

ppL L0ve 2 hAt3 m3 replied03C/span> "Well with my mom, when she was pregnant with my brother she was tired all the time and grumpy. With me she was more active ..

Also I’ve seen this to be pretty accurate .. when your pregnant with a boy you usually carry higher, with a girl you carry lower.

If you want to know what gender it is do what my family does, lol ….. take a quarter cup of liquid drano – put an equal amount of pee, let it sit for a few minutes ….. if it turns blue or green – its a boy …. yellow or brown its a girl. So far it has worked for generations in my family!!! good luck!"

Did anyone only get acne on their back during pregnancy, and did you end up with a girl or boy? I have heard if you get acne / pimples you will have a girl… however; I feel all boy. I have quite a few pimples only on my back though – none on my face.
So my question being .. did anyone only get acne on their body but not their face – and what was the gender of your babe.

I <3 JACOB BLACK replied: "I’m not sure, but even if you dont have acne on your face you can get it on your back of you arent washing it well enough or have overactive oil glands, which could be caused due to the hormones. I dont think that acne on your back determines whether it is a boy or girl. Good Luck :-) "

Zombie Slayer 1000 replied: "I’ve also heard that if you crack your knuckles you’ll get arthritis. Of course your back will ache your carrying seven to eight pounds out in front of you for the last few month’s and your hormones are all screwed up( acne). Every pound in front of you is five on your back. Why do you think obese people have back problems, It’s not because their pregnant. The sure way to tell if it’s a boy or girl 100%. Get an ultrasound. Or you can go off the theory that the position you "did it" in matters. I’ve heard that one too."

Did/do you have acne with your pregnancy? My face is a pepperoni lovers pizza from pizza hut and I don’t usually get acne. Did you have it or do you? And what was the gender of the baby? I’ve heard acne means girl from all the extra estrogen. Thanks!!

momma 2 B 9-15-09 replied: "i do have some acne but i also had some before i got preggo so it’s hard telling, idk yet if im having a boy or girl. Many women get acne during pregnancy cuz of all the hormones."

Kacie (5/24) replied: "I have acne, I noticed it more on my face in my 2nd trimester, then it cleared up, now I have acne on my back. And I am pregnant with a girl, but I dont really believe in wives tales."

Due July 23rd :) replied: "I do break out more now :( thank goodness for make up. I’m having a boy though."

michelle f replied: "i did for the first few months (until 5 mo. or so) have acne and my skin is usually pretty darn pretty :) not fun at all but i am having a little girl :) no worries though i am 38 weeks along and my skin has been really clear for the last few months now. good luck"

#1 Due 10-11-09 replied: "Yes, its driving me crazy, its finally starting to calm down. I use to break out a little before my periods but never like this, i feel like i’m back in high school lol. I haven’t heard of the it might be a girl because of it thing, i think its just how your body reacts to the pregnancy. I knew from the start i was going to be doomed with acne during pregnancy cause that’s just how my body reacts to stress and i have very oily skin. Look younger when I’m older at least=)"

Do different pregnancy side effects mean the opposite gender for baby? This is my second pregnancy. My first was very very easy. No awful morning sickness, aches, acne, trouble sleeping. It was just a breeze and I had a girl. This pregnancy is the complete opposite! I have felt nauseous almost everyday for the past 4 months, i have acne all over my shoulders and neck, I cannot sleep at night, and I am really big for 4 months. Does this mean it is more likely I am having a boy? Or can all pregnancies be different for the individual despite the gender?

I am just interested in what others’ pregnancies resulted in…
ok, Dan, you’re a male. You have no idea. And if you knew how to read and comprehend, you would know that I AM INTERESTED IN OTHERS’ PREGNANCIES. Have you ever given birth? Think not, so shut up, and keep your smart ass comments to yourself. Have a nice day :)

dan90 replied: "do you really think a fact like that wouldn’t have been established by now if it were true?"

Mesmerized replied: "Pregnancy side effects just differ from pregnancy to pregnancy, it doesn’t mean you’re having a specific gender based upon how ill you feel. With my 1st pregnancy I was sick as a dog for 3 months straight and I had a girl."

Holly K replied: "My cousin had a breeze with her son and not her second child, a daughter. Its a matter of biology. Please discuss the matter with your doctor."

_lil_miss_whatever_ replied: "lol I know what you mean, with my son, I had no morning sickness, only had a tooth pain, but that was removed at 8 weeks, otherwise a straight forward pregnancy. lol didnt even think i was pregnant until he started moving lol.
now I’m 23 weeks tomorrow, sick as a dog, have back pains, sorest breasts and all. and this one is a girl lol
so as someone else was saying there is no proven fact and yes every pregnancy is different. and there is a 50% chance you are right with guessing lol
but I have proven that some ppl are right quite often lol, I knew my son was a boy and I knew this one is a girl and sure enough YAY!! lol
good luck"

pregnancy causing BAD BAD acne? I hate it. my face has never looked like this… did this happen with you.. what was the gender of your baby? im always interested

Ravenberri replied: "Sounds like your having a boy. :-P "

C N replied: "my face cleared completely while pregnant, guess I was lucky! I had a girl. I usually had 3-4 pimples at a time before, and now about 1-2."

mrsz ramirez 23 weeks preg! replied: "omg yes its happening to me now and im having a girl!"

jenna23uk replied: "I was only saying the other week i had a couple of spots on my face and i had some on my neck shouders and back… Now i have come out in loads on my face and a few more in the other places, its horrible!! I dont think you can predict the gender of your baby from it though, with my last 2 pregnancys i never got spots this bad and i have one of each, every pregnancy is different and will effect you in different ways."

Jeme replied: "Seems like it goes to the extreme one way or the other: some women have horrible outbreaks of acne after years of having peaches and cream skin… Others who have suffered from acne for years suddenly have perfect complexions.

Never kept track of what anyone had. My own complexion/skin didn’t change much."

Jorja’s mummy replied: "Im the same at the moment, when i was pregnant with my daughter i had great skin, not a blemish to be seen, this time round my skin is horrible, im not sure what im having but fingers crossed its a boy. Good luck to you."

Soon a mom replied: "OMG! i have the same problem. n i am 25 weeks. my acne is sooo bad that it wants me get a plastic surgery done!!! lol. i dunno the sex of the baby."

Which instinct/experience should i go with when trying to predict my baby’s gender? PLEASE READ ALL! :)

I am 15 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and EAGER to find out the sex of my baby. Not so much because i am hoping for one or the other, but just cause i already have 1 of each sex and I’m VERY curious to know what this one will be!

I originally felt, instinctively, that i was having a girl when i first found out about the pregnancy. Then, as soon as i got to see the baby on the ultrasound, for some reason as soon as i saw the baby, i started calling it a "he". I don’t know, it just looked like a he to the baby is already bigger than average in size. My son was born 8.6 lbs and my daughter was born 7.6 lbs. So i automatically thought "hmmm..if the baby is already bigger than average, i bet it’s a boy"

HOWEVER, i have REALLY bad acne while pregnant. With my son, i had bad break outs all over my face. With my daughter, I had more of what i call "a beard" of acne. It was more around my jaw area and the sides of my face. With this pregnancy so far, i have the "beard" of acne again. It’s funny cause if you look at me straight on, i look like i have almost flawless skin, then when i turn my face WOAH!!

Which experience would you rely on stronger when trying to predict the baby’s gender???


★☆Jen★☆ IT’S A BOY!Due 1 Oct replied: "I think you have to go wth your gut instinct. All pregnancies are different, regardless of the sex. Now I haven’t got any other children, but I just knew straight away I was having a boy. Sure enough, 20 week scan, and there he was! You have to follow your gut.


helping you out replied: "I would go with your instinct, or you could try the chinese gender calender, always worked for me!"

Busy Mommy of 2 (Expecting #3-в™‚) replied: "In my experience with my three pregnancies is that each and every one of them was very, very different. With my first daughter I had tons of breakouts and terrible headaches. With my second daughter I was convinced I was pregnant with a boy just due to the fact that I felt so different than with my daughter, I had very clear skin that seemed to "glow", I looked really good. I had very little problems at all with that pregnancy. Now I am 38 weeks with a baby boy and felt great the first 18 weeks of pregnancy and have had bad nausea since then. My skin is clear but has this paleness to it that it usually does not. I find it funny how pregnancy really affects our skin! So I wish I could tell you that certain things you experience in pregnancy point to a certain sex, but unfortunately I do not believe they do. I have even been wrong on my gut instinct with my children, I felt my first child was a boy but she was a girl….I felt my second was also a boy….she was not! I was right with my "boy" guess on this pregnancy…but I figure if I keep guessing boy I was bound to be right at some point! LOL! My husband seems to be better at predicting the sex, he’s been right with all of our kids from the very beginning of each pregnancy…So…What does your husband feel the sex is??

Good luck!"

~pregnant and due on 18/DEC/09~ replied: "i know what your thinking….I am due December 18th, so I am currently 16.5 weeks….and dying to be a lil further along so I can find out what is inside – but instinctively I feel like I am having girl. when I see baby girls stuff i get more gooey than I do when i look at lil boy stuff – but with the Chinese calendar predictor thingy (that has never been wrong with pregnancies in my family going back about 12yrs or so) it says im having a boy- so I am hanging out for the next ultrasound to find out!!!
I hope you find out and your instinct was right!
Good luck and congrats!!"

pregnancy question…. (why is?)…..? this pregnancy so ughh. different and worse?
so with my first pregnancy all that i basically had was just
morning afternoon and night sickness. no mental affects and whatnot.
now…. my second pregnancy and it is just ugghhh annoying.
im so overly emtional , i feel ugly and fat as hell , my skin is dry ,
i have acne , my hair is limp and lifeless and i get so aggitated and angry…
why!!!! am i having a girl? my 1st pregnancy i had a little boy , could i experience different
or more of certain symptoms due to gender change? any suggestions and advice would be greatly
aprecaited.. thanks peeps.

mommyof2 replied: "My 1st pregnancy was really rough, emotionally. I also gained 50lbs and felt disgusting!! After her I had a boy and besides the 1st trimester nausea I felt great. I’m pregnant with another boy who’s due in 4 weeks and I’ve felt fantastic, with only a couple of emotional mood swings. I bet you ARE having a girl!"

Ashley N replied: "each pregnancy after the first gets harder and more uncomfortable…just try your best to relax and remind yourself what you will have at the end of the pregnancy."

Babys gender what do you think? I know theres a 50/50 chance I was just wondering what gender you think my baby will be. Everyone keeps saying a girl in my family and the lunar chart says girl too. (I’m 17 weeks)

Babys heartbeat has been higher…160′s and 170′s.

I didn’t have very much morning sickness…only when brushing my teeth.

I got acne bad!

I’m out of breath alot.

The baby is very active on all ultrasounds.

I have more girls in my family then boys.

My husbands unsure cause he doesn’t know his real father…but his mom and step dad have a son.

I got some skin tags during pregnancy…

I keep getting sick with colds…

And I crave waffles alot for some reason….along with potatoe salad…lol and Ice cream!

Due With #2 in September replied: "sounds like a girl but you never know, im having a boy i found out last week, his heart beat is always in the 140′s"

predict the gender of my baby please.? Here are the symptons….Terrible acne…(had no previous acne in my prior pregnancies both girls) heartbeat is 138..breech baby…morning sickness without vomit…horrible heartburn…my hair is falling out on my head not growing on my legs…weird..33 weeks.

catherine b replied: "a hairy headed boy"

fox_maple replied: "hmmm I’m going to guess girl!"

Jenny W (36W W/ Baby # 1) replied: "i have the exact same things, but i do throw up occasionally. i’m having a little girl"

Armina’s Mommy replied: "girl!!!"

Portugal88 replied: "I would say girl they say when your prego with a girl they take all the mothers beauty but u threw me off with that previous both girls because them i want to say boy but im goin to stick with girl congrats"

mecca replied: "with all those other symptoms I wouldn’t now what to say But

The heart rate its A BOY."

ProudMommy replied: "I had terrible morning sickness with my daughter, and I have had 3 friends that also had terrible morning sickness and they had girls. My sister in law felt nauseated but never vomited and she is having a boy. My guess is you are having a BOY!"

ak0840 replied: "Of all the old wives tales, the only one I am inclined to believe is that the hair on your legs slows down or stops growing when you are having a boy. It is supposed to be because he is taking the little bit of testosterone that occurs in a woman’s body.

I did experience this when I had my son, and did not with my daughter. Congratulations!"

mommy2b24 replied: "Well, I don’t believe the old wives tales, some of your symptoms say girl, some boy…but I’m gonna say it’s a boy! :) "

"It’s A Girl" replied: "I have to say "Girl"!!! When they are breech, and can keep them little leg together really tight than usually they have nothing between them, so they can keep them closed comfortably!! Lol.

Good Luck!!"

shannon m replied: "boy as far as wives tails go."

Blonde Chocolate Lover replied: "most breeches are girls"

Apex replied: "Hermaphrodite is what your baby will be."

Mellisa replied: "boy"

zakuras replied: "Congratulations, it’s a girl."

km replied: "i completely think its a boy. I’m pretty good at this to usually with pics but ii had no symptoms like you. i puked if i ate it i thought about eating if i didn’t eat, i had no acne, my hair was so nice, some heartburn but not anything to speak of. (usually heartburn like u describe means lots of hair that what i always heard) and i had a boy so you A GIRL. congratulations i hope to conceive and have a girl soon"

Papa replied: "Low heartbeat usually indicates a boy. Also, carrying the baby low would indicate a boy."

Earth Goddess replied: "I am going to predict that you having a baby i cant tell you what gender my Chrystal ball wont let me see"

Fizz replied: "heartburn = head full of hair
lower heartrate = boy

BUT check out a chinese birth chart… everyone i know that looked theirs up was correct."

devilz_dark_angel666 replied: "Well, I would say look up the chinese birth calander online! its suppose to be accurate and with my friend it was! Its just something fun you could try and you could look up and see if it was right for your other pregnancy too! who knows, maybe it will be right! =]"

Moms of boys and girls~~were your symptoms any different with either gender? I have 2 daughters and didn’t have nausea, vomiting, major fatigue, head-aches, cravings, none of that while I was pregnant with them. Also my hair and skin were awesome, but that’s not the case this pregnancy!

I don’t know what I’m having yet but I had major nausea for the first 13 weeks and then it started to taper off. I still have a crazy amount of cravings, my hair feels like straw and my skin looks like that of a teenager! I have acne again and thought I was done with that, but it showed up with this pregnancy!

My dreams are all about boys and since my symptoms are so unbelievably different than in my previous pregnancies, I’m thinking this could very well be a boy. I can’t find out what I’m having for 3 more weeks so I’m just going off of hunches.

So for those of you that have a boy and a girl, were the pregnancies much different for you or were they about the same? Any other thoughts you have would be much appreciated!

I know that dreams aren’t always indicative of what gender we’re having, but my dreams have been right on before which is why I tend to listen to them!
I just wanted to see if symptoms are different for different genders typically.

~Jess~3rd princess due 1/12/10 replied: "I got sicker than a dog with all my girls and felt great while pregnant with my son. I have dreams constantly that I’m having a boy this time, but it’s a girl. I also craved sweets and apple juice with the girls and meat, potatoes and soda with my son."

Natalie j replied: "1st i had girl, 2nd boy and 3rd girl, i had no sickness no symtpoms nothing this time im having another girl and suffered big time from sickness!!!

39+6 with #4"

jenpo replied: "EVERY pregnancy is different, whether it be with a boy or girl. I am 30 weeks pregnant with a girl and had MAJOR "morning" sickness that lasted until around 16 weeks. It got so bad, I had lost too much weight and was so dehydrated that I ended up in the hospital. I also had dreams that I was having a boy before we found out it was a girl. So going off symptoms usually do not work. They’re usually all wives tales."