Pregnancy Acne: Boy or Girl? I KNOW its just an Old Wives Tale – im just curious. Does/Did anyone have MILD acne/pimples around their mouth/chin/jaw and have a boy? I only get a little one-hardly even noticable, and its just been lately(im about 15 weeks), and I’m just wondering if there’s a correlation. I have a boy but cant remember if I had any to speak of with him, and I have a girl – only got a couple with her and they were on my forehead, not my chin. Please share, thx!

Mia бѓ¦ Abe – baby boy on the way~ replied: "i had acne and i am having a boy.

but like you said – its just an old wives tale"

Abi replied: "Eh, I had similar breakouts as you and am having a girl. I really don’t think there is much of a correlation. Typically hormonal breakouts show up on your chin and jawline pregnant or not, at least that’s what I learned from an esthetician while training to do skincare treatments at a spa."

ERIKA C replied: "I have a son already and i’m pregnant with my second son with the first no acne and with this one i have acne."

Treebeard replied: "I heard that if you have acne, you’re going to have a girl, because the girl is "stealing the mother’s beauty." I have no idea what I’m having yet though!"

Aliyah’s mommy! 4 weeks left replied: "I broke out BAD right before my missed period about 4 weeks pregnant, and I have ever since. Im 36 weeks 4 days and still have bad acne.

Im having a girl! Aliyah June comming soon!"

due 3/17 with baby #2 replied: "it is an old wives tale.. but it actually is that if u get acne, its a girl b/c a girl will "steal" her mothers beauty…. pretty ridiculous huh??

be lucky thats all u’ve had so far.. with both my pregnancies ive had acne really bad!!

good luck and congrats!!"

animal32306 replied: "I didn’t have any acne or anything when I was pregnant with my son. In fact, my skin cleared up completely. This time however, I’m having a girl and my face has broke out the whole time. It is pissing me off. I can’t get rid of the bumps no matter what I do."

Bella1118 replied: "I have had no acne, but a rash around my mouth/jaw/chin area that has not gone away since I have been pregnant. I am having a boy. Good luck!"

яєηєє is expecting #2 replied: "My face would have random break outs and I had a girl, it’s said that girls steal your beauty. This time my face is crystal clear but I will find out in 2 weeks what we are expecting."

Did or Do you have acne during pregnancy and was it boy or girl? I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and I have acne real bad. With my first pregnancy my skin was glowing and perfect, and it was a boy. I have heard acne is caused by double progesterone of me and a female baby. I’m not sure if it is true. Just wondering your experiences?

Carrie replied: "My skin looked normal during my only pregnancy and I gave birth to a son."

samii is pregnant! replied: "i have HORRIBLE pregnancy acne!!! its all over my face, shoulders, chest and back!!! i hardly broke out at all before i got pregnant but i dont know the gender yet, i find out on the 11th!!"

~KGB~ Kaitlyn is due 5/8/09 replied: "I have acne and I am having a girl. I never had acne before, maybe a pimple or 2 right before my period. But now I have pimples all over my cheeks err I hate my pregnancy skin."

Selar replied: "my face broke out with my 3rd child. Who happened to be a girl.
:) "

Bess replied: "Perfect skin & having a boy :) "

Due June 11 w/ Baby # 2 replied: "My skin looked great during my 1st pregnancy, I had a girl. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with a boy and am always breaking out.

Congrats and Hope this helped."

16 days till baby is due ! replied: "no acne and its a boy"

cocobear41107 replied: "before i got pregnant my face was pretty clear and then one random day i broke out real bad..
found out a few days later, im having a girl!"

Mommyof2 replied: "My skin actually got better with both of my pregnancies and I had a boy the first time and a girl this time."

stollermeg replied: "My face completely cleared up during this pregnancy but i ended up getting terrible acne on my back and have NEVER had acne on my back before. It cleared up about week 25 and I am having a boy and was told its the testosterone they produce… who knows!"

Trina P replied: "i had acne with my first child who is 2yrs old and it was a girl…i am 24 weeks with baby number 2 and also have acne but its worse with this one and its a boy!!"

If you developed acne during your pregnancy, did you have a boy or a girl? I heard that acne is a sign that the baby will be a girl and so I just wanted to see if that is true or just an old wives tale.

Jamie B replied: "i heard it is just an old wives tale, but in my case it happens to be true. i’ve had acne throughout my pregnancy and we are having a girl ."

Kayl Q replied: "My mom got bad acne when she was pregnant with my brother. Hormones I guess."

shrimpseys replied: "I never broke out on my face, but my whole back broke out in blackheads, it was sooo gross, and nothing I did would make it go away. 2 days after having him, my back cleared right up!"

Nurse Maggie replied: "An increase in hormones is what causes acne in some pregnant women. You are more likely to develop acne if you develop acne every month before your period. Good luck."

pugz replied: "I got acne–had a boy"

2Hott2Touch replied: "I did not get any acne with my son only oily nose. For some reason I am 30 weeks pregnant and I’ve been having acne since the beginning of my pregnancy and I am expecting a girl so far it seems like it’s more than just old wives tale."

beck replied: "does OT mean neither. I had NO acne with my other pregnancy’s and I had a girl and boy then with this one I am breaking out. It is all to do with YOUR hormones."

lil_love1982 replied: "My Bad Acne = a girl.
also very moody and really mean!
My Boy I was much happier and my acne actually cleared in the first 2 months!"

CattGirl replied: "It’s just a baby thing. I never had acne until I got pregnant (both boys)."

Ash replied: "its an old wives tales, but when i was pregnant w/ my baby girl, i looked bad, had tons of acne, lots of nausea & cravings. im pregnant again & this time i think its a boy because i found out at 3 months, no acne, i feel normal- no sickness or cravings and thank you—no acne this time! the chinese lunar calendar said i am having a girl, but i think its wrong this time. last time it was right."

ACNE during pregnancy? What did or what are you having boy/girl? I am 16 weeks with baby #2 and my skin is horrible! Before pregnancy my face was pretty much perfectly clear a break out here and there. But now my whole face is broke out real bad. When I was pregnant with my son 3 yers ago my face was glowing and my skin was flawless. Just wondering your experiences.

Mommy of 2 little girls<3 replied: "Are you taking prenatals? They helped my skin tremendously!!!"

Camerons mommy :]] is TTC #2 replied: "My skin was horrible!

i had a baby boy"

Baby #3 due 6-9-09 replied: "I had it with all three but this time for my girl its much worse then with my boys!"

queenb replied: "I have two boys and my skin never broke out with them it may have gotten oily or what not but never acne"

Baby boy due May 13th 2009 replied: "I’ve never had acne but now that i’m pregnant it’s pretty bad. I’m having a boy and I’m sure it has nothing to do with my acne."

Eee bee replied: "I got a really baby case of Rosace with my son. He’s 16 months and it still hasn’t totally cleared up. I’m prego again and find out on Friday if it’s another little boy or if it’s a girl this time."

jessi~Baby #1 due 4/2/09 replied: "mine was fine before pregnancy now i have breakouts everywhere even on my neck…im having a lil girl

nothing seems to help my skin"

вќ¤Valerieвќ¤ replied: "i broke out bad when i was pregnant with my son."

<*Lucy Little*> replied: "The sex of your baby has nothing to do with your pregnancy acne. Its the change of hormones in your body. But just to entertain you I have clear skin and when I was pregnant with my daughter I had horrible acne."

blondie replied: "girls take your beauty and boys make you glow! thats what ive always heard and it was true for me so i bet its true for you too!"

cσltєns mσmmч replied: "I had a boy, before I was pregnant I had clear soft skin. When I was pregnant I looked like a puberty striken teenager. It was horribel!"

Ruby replied: "With my first pregnancy my skin was in a terrible state. I gave a birth to a boy then. When I was pregnant with my daughter my skin looked pretty good."

babygirl #1 due april 8 09 replied: "i know what you meaning am 35 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and i have horrible acne on my face and my chest"

Did anyone only get acne on their back during pregnancy, and did you end up with a girl or boy? I have heard if you get acne / pimples you will have a girl… however; I feel all boy. I have quite a few pimples only on my back though – none on my face.
So my question being .. did anyone only get acne on their body but not their face – and what was the gender of your babe.

I <3 JACOB BLACK replied: "I’m not sure, but even if you dont have acne on your face you can get it on your back of you arent washing it well enough or have overactive oil glands, which could be caused due to the hormones. I dont think that acne on your back determines whether it is a boy or girl. Good Luck :-) "

Zombie Slayer 1000 replied: "I’ve also heard that if you crack your knuckles you’ll get arthritis. Of course your back will ache your carrying seven to eight pounds out in front of you for the last few month’s and your hormones are all screwed up( acne). Every pound in front of you is five on your back. Why do you think obese people have back problems, It’s not because their pregnant. The sure way to tell if it’s a boy or girl 100%. Get an ultrasound. Or you can go off the theory that the position you "did it" in matters. I’ve heard that one too."

Do you get pregnancy acne? If so do you know if your having a boy or a girl? I’m pregnant with our 2nd baby and I had a boy the 1st time and never had acne like this. I have the biggest hugest zit/boil on my chin and it’s NASTY and hurts soooo bad. I break out constantly but this is the worst of the worst. I’m breaking out on my back chest and face and the neck. And this pregnancy is 100% different then my 1st and have a feeling it could be a girl. Like the old wives tale says if pregnant with a girl she takes your beauty away. HA! If that’s the case then she’s doing a good job, lol. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and we get to find out what we are having on christmas eve morning, yay! What was your experience with your pregnancy and what did you end up having or what are you having?

i have all i ever wanted in life replied: "I didn’t have it with my first son , but I do have it with this pregnancy .. it is another boy .. Alot of things are different from each of my pregnancies .. Like 1 st i had horrible morning sickness the whole 9 months , this one isn’t so bad only for the first 12 weeks .. 1 st i gained over 30 lbs .. this one i haven’t gained any but i have lost 15 lbs .. and a couple other little things that i cant think of right now"

mama replied: "i’m in the same boat as you.
1st pregnancy (with a boy) i had clear skin and lush hair.
with this pregnancy (15wks in, don’t find out the sex till end of dec) my skin is AWFUL. very oily and terrible, painful acne. and my hair is an oil slick at the scalp and a dry matted mess at the ends.

i have a feeling it’s a girl this time, because they are so, so different."

Jessica L replied: "Well this is hard for me to answer because I didn’t have great skin to start with, not bad acne or anything just blackheads etc. Since getting pregnant my face is probably a lot better but I have pimples over my shoulders, chest and butt. (Not pretty I know but you asked lol) I’m not confident enough to say whether or not it’s from being pregnant because coming into summer with the heat would make things worse but I’m 20 weeks with a boy if that helps. So I guess overall, face = better, body = worse. Lol, who can win?

Congratulations and good luck on Christmas Eve."

♥ Theresa will be here soon ♥ replied: "I am having a girl and have had no acne until now (38wks1d). It seems to be only on my chin though which is a good thing because I would hate to have them anywhere else.

My fiance’s sister had a girl and she had acne through-out her whole pregnancy.

Good luck on the new baby!"

Josephina:Baby boy due 1/1/10! replied: "Never had any pregnancy acne in either pregnancy… And I had a girl the first time and a boy the second.

A friend of mine was the opposite, she had acne really bad during her two pregnancies… had a boy the first time & a girl the second.

So Idk, if thats a good indicator of the sex or not… but good luck. It doesnt hurt to guess :-)
Both time I "just had a feeling" I knew what I was having and both times I was right!!! Idk how."

Did/do you have acne in pregnancy, and did/will you be having a boy or a girl? I’m just having fun. I heard if the baby takes Mom’s beauty, it’s gonna be a girl… Thanks!
Val~ The same thing goes for me. I just started breaking out around 13-14 weeks and I’ve never had acne before, even in puberty!

Thanks to all and good luck!

Melissa replied: "I got no pimples with either pregnancy, and my first was a girl, and this one is a boy."

proud mom and wife replied: "’s not true. anyone that is pregnant with a boy or girl can get acne. acne is caused by stress and clogged pores. being pregnant can be really stressful. i had some acne and i had a boy. it just all depends on the person and if they wash their face or have anything they are stressing over."

Sparrow replied: "My first pregnancy (a boy) I had a lot more skin "issues" then I do now (37 weeks pregnant with a girl) Although, I never really had skin issues until I got pregnant with my first at the age of 21."

Beth replied: "I had a little more acne than usual in the first trimester, but that was it. I’m having a boy."

Sparkle21 replied: "I heard the opposite- I hear when its a boy you lose the beauty- With my girl. I got no acne! I am pregnant again w/ #2 and breaking out like a puberty stricken teen!!! I dont know what I am having yet. I am thinking boy!"

pwrgrlmanda replied: "well, yeah, with my girl, i was all sorts of out of whack.
but with my boys all i ever had was morning sickness."

skesse1306 replied: "Im having a boy and I have about the same amount as before. Though thats not alot, I still have skin issues."

ProudMommy2Be<3 replied: "i got acne, i got it on the face when it was a girl. and my friend got it on the back when it was a boy."

Kim P replied: "Yes I had acne early in my pregnancy and I am having a boy! :-) "

Tara P replied: "I love answering these types of questions I don’t know why!
In MY case, I never had acne in my life until my pregnancy. I’m having a boy however, and I joke around it took me until my 20′s, getting married and to get pregnant (key one there) to have my first zit (which I was highly dramatic about jokingly with my husband cause I truthfully had no clue what it was like a dunce!) But that’s it! I have found however in my case, the wanting sour things is true of a boy, but like I said, that’s me!"

amb-its a girl!! replied: "i am having a girl and my skin has just been weird.. i used to break out right before my period and then my skin would clear up.. now its just been back and forth between clear skin and horrible acne.. it wont make up its mind.. i think its just hormones…"

chelschubz replied: "im pregnant with my first which i think is gonna be a boy but i dunno…. i have had acne but i have been really stressed.

I heard that if you carry your baby low and more out it will be a boy and if you carry it high like right under your boobs and you just get big it will be a girl.

never heard of the other one"

Jessica replied: "Lol, that wasn’t true for me. I had acne with my pregnancy, and I now have a beautiful 12 day old baby boy."

17 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #1! replied: "I am breaking out more than I have ever in my life right now and I will find out what I am having on the 25th but I don’t really think that is a good way to go by on what you are having!
Good Luck and Congrats!"

mumsmiss replied: "I never had a problem with acne before pregnancy. Never even got it in my teen puberty years. About my 10th week of pregnancy I broke out pretty bad. Everyone keep telling me it will go away… that I would have great skin at the end of my pregnancy. Well it never went away. Had my baby a month ago and my face is just starting to clear up. I had a boy…. but I do think he stole my beauty cause he is just gorgeous…. guess that explains the acne :) "

Val replied: "My face is almost always clear, and I have dry skin. Since I was about 14 weeks I broke out and my face is always oily now, hence the "glow" everyone claims pregnant women have! I can’t wait to get rid of this ugly skin once i have my little girl!!!

good luck!"

Complicated replied: "I have no acne and the doctor’s say it’s a girl! So much for that old wives tale…."

leaweller04 replied: "1st pregnancy yes i had acne. i had a boy
this pregnancy 34 weeks pregnant. yes i have acne. having another boy"

tri1104 replied: "Bla… yah, I haven’t had acne for years and years… then like the instant I got pregnant, no pregnancy glow for me… I got acne… not horrible, but enough for me to care… and it goes away for like 2-3 days, then pops back up – always in the same places! Ahhhhh!
Not sure if I’m having a boy or girl, but we’re hoping for a boy – WE FIND OUT ON FRIDAY!!!!! :-) "

Skin breakout during pregnancy. Boy or girl? I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have lots of zits on my face and hair. When I was pregnant with my son, my skin was nice and clear especiallt this early. Did you have acne while pregnant? Was it a bor or a girl?

I meant my scalp LOL
I was just wondering. By the way, I never check for the gender of the baby. We wait till birth!

BeautyBlitz replied: "Complete Myth.

All of these "if your body does such and such it is a girl." are nothing but old wives tales. Either way they have a 50% chance of being right, which is why they are so popular."

AlwaysOnTheBSide replied: "How d’you get zits on your hair?"

☆Star☆ replied: "i didn’t have any and i had a girl"

Princess Nicki replied: "Wow we are in the same boat! I am just about 18 weeks and I broke out so bad! Before I was pregnant I never had acne…Even when I was a teenager… Maybe it means girl?
LOL at "Always on" thats funny!"

Noah’s Mommy & Marine Wife. replied: "Your skin breaking out is no indication of what gender your baby is and all pregnancies are different.

I had a bit of acne on my hair line and forehead at points in my pregnancy and I had a little boy. My SIL experienced some as well and she had a girl."

just me indy replied: "Usually that happens when you’re pregnant with a girl, they take your beauty away. I think you’re having a girl, but time will telll Congratulations!!!"

Teeny Beeny replied: "Well, my skin was so amazing when I was pregnant with my son-I had the "glow." With my daughter I broke out so bad-I actually had to go to Ulta and by special make-up to cover up my acne (it did clear up half way through my pregnancy). So maybe it’s a girl? Although scientifically there’s no way to make a connection."

emily replied: "the myth says it would be a girl, but i know people who have had breakouts while pregnant and they had a boy."

Audiebooo<3 replied: "sorry hun but just because of that you cant determine the sex of the baby…. just wait the time will come b4 u kno it
congrats on the news btw best wishes
when i was pregnant i had a girl but i didnt have acne until after the baby was born"

Gabriella is here!! 3/24/09 replied: "Dont believe the old wives tales. i had no signs of a girl, had all the ones of a boy even gender predictors told me it was a boy and i had a beautiful little girl and when i gave birth i had to make sure it was a girl after they cleaned me up and wat not.. dont believe the old wives tales"

Prue1989-Baby#1 due 1 Nov 09 replied: "Both my sisters skin broke out when they were pregnant and one had a boy and one had a girl. Guess there’s no way of telling using that theory.

Which sucks cause I’m pregnant now and my wonderful pregnant glowing skin is being ruined by the acne I never had before and its not even telling me if I’m having a boy or a girl! I wanna know now!

:( no fair!"

princess replied: "I had acne for like the first month and then my face was perfectly clear! People said that I had a glow to my skin. I had a girl. I think that they are all old wives tales."

I’d rather be at the beach replied: "I had terrible skin during my first trimester — after that I had clear skin.
I had a boy"

nana replied: "sorry to say but it has nothing to do with whether you are having a boy or a girl."

kisses come in fives replied: "I had a HORRIBLE acne break out for about 8 months of my pregnancy
-weird because I’ve never had acne my whole life until I was pregnant-
and I had a boy

I don’t really think you can judge gender by old wive’s tales like acne or where you’re carrying the baby…although if you’re craving alot of proteins and meats, there’s been university studies that prove you’re more likely to crave proteins when you’re having a boy"

Live, Laugh, Love replied: "My father always knows what it is. He says that a girl takes all your beauty away and a boy makes you more beautiful. Sometimes i have a hard time believing it!"

Jules replied: "Theres an old wives tale that says if ur pregnant with a girl it takes ur beauty away and have lots of spots!! So if you believe that you may be having a girl!!"

How bad was your pregnancy signs and was it a boy or a girl? I was just curios about other girls when they are pregnant how bad the morning sickness was and if you broke out with acne and if you had a baby boy of girl.

Baby Boy Due 5/19/2010 replied: "With my daughter I was never sick, didnt break out, and pretty much felt completely normal minus her kicking me!

With this baby (a boy), I am non stop ill, my face breaks out, and I cant sleep for anything"

Little girl due in 2 weeks replied: "im pregnant with a girl got morning sickness twice a day at about 7 weeks pregnant for about 3 weeks, no acne"

Mommy to be to Lilliana~2/13/10~ replied: "Im having a baby girl and with her i never got any morning sickness but got really tired and headaches. My skin actually cleared up but i did get dark spots on my cheek which im hoping will go away! Lil"

AW replied: "It’s always different for everyone. You can be deathly ill with a girl OR boy. You can have insanely messed up skin with either…..try not to get obsessed with other people’s pregnancies, it will make you crazy and cause anxiety. I did the same thing, and I was on this stupid site all day every day asking this stuff. hahahaha."

Sophia replied: "im pregnant with a baby girl = )!

I have had no morning sickness at all, but i do get really tired and moody some times haha"

xxxmooxmooxxx replied: "I am prego wit a boy My moring sickness was terrible i couldnt eat nothing n lost weight; and very moody; i was carryin low but now i am high n kicks like crazy in my ribs; always cravein fruit n meat especaily like medium rare uhh talkin bout it now lol . . and i cant sleep for anything at all"

baby #2 its a GIRL! due on may27 replied: "with my first pregnancy, i was sick for 9 months alot of morning sickness, i couldnt keep anything down.. i didnt break out.. i had a girl
23wks pregnant with #2 and i had morning sickness only in the first trimester, 3-4 times total within the first trismester.. i was happy that i dont throw up anymore.. i stopped getting sick in my 2nd trimester.. i didnt break out.. and im having another girl"

AMY :) Due 4/28/10 Baby Boy :) replied: "I hardly had any sickness, and if I did have it, it was more of a night sickness. I usually got sick twice a week usually around 10 pm. Acne wasn’t too bad. I swore up and down that I was having a girl though, everything said baby girl. I’m blessed with a little boy :) "